Hi Lovelies - I'm Aisha the Owner & Creative Mixer of Bariki Body Care

How Bariki Body Care Got Started

 I'm a "Busy Body". I can't sit still long enough because my wheels keep turning, I have active kids, a dog & a cat that likes to jump up & give me hugs and a loving husband that I adore! I hope we can become friends and I can offer

you something you'd enjoy.


​ Bariki Body Care started in 2007 in my tiny little kitchen in Seattle, WA.  My oldest daughter, son & I have eczema and wanted to create products that were natural/organic/paraben free/sulfate free and was safe to use on our skin. I started researching a lot of different ingredients and the main one I use in all of our products is Shea Butter. Shea Butter is nourishing and is a good moisturizer all skin types whether you have oily or dry skin. All Bariki Body Care products are made with you in mind, cruelty free & vegan friendly. We hope to offer something that your skin can use. 

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