Discover the Difference 
Quality Ingredients Make

The Fact is we all use skin care products, whether it’s a soap bar, a moisturizer or exfoliate or all of the above.

It’s also a fact that our skin is porous and absorbs much of what is applied to it and that includes the myriad of synthetic and harmful chemicals contained in the majority of body care products sold today. 

We believe in only using high-quality & natural ingredients in our products from our Fair Trade, Shea Butter, Mango Buter, Cocoa Butter and Grade A Fragrance Oils with zero alcohol.


Our Packaging is BPA-free & phthalates free. 100% Recycled Plastic. Our containers have innovative lids which screw on tightly to preserve your products

Never Tested 
on Animals

Our products are cruelty-free and most of our products are vegan excluding out Manuka Honey Face Mask & Face Scrub. 

We work with like-minded suppliers who have the same cruelty-free standards

and practices

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